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Clean hospital gowns, clean planet
HONORED: Business group cites Tumwater company with 1 of 10 state awards

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2010 Environmental Awards: Sterile Surgical Systems, Tumwater

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Why Use Sterile Surgical Systems Healthcare Laundry?

Cost: We GUARANTEE a minimum savings on your prior year’s laundry expenditures.

Quality: We hand inspect all items so we GUARANTEE the quality of every item we launder or we’ll credit you 100%.

Service: Our superior processes and exceptional staff give us the ability to turn on a dime and give you a level of personal attention and service that the others simply can’t match.

Keep Separate Process: Our Keep Separate Process ensures that your linen never co-mingles with other hospitals’ linens. Therefore you have complete choice of which linen items we purchase for you.

IT Expertise: Our owner/operators have a combined IT expertise of over 40 years and 18 years at Microsoft. If you want to deploy a linen information system there is simply no better partner in the industry.

Why Use Sterile Surgical Systems REUSABLE Surgical Packs?

Cost: Reusable surgical textiles cost as little as half the price of disposables per use when all costs are factored in.

Environment: Reusable surgical textiles are better for our environment and will help hospitals meet EPA waste reduction standards. As much as 70% of hospital waste is due to disposable items!

Quality: Reusable surgical textiles offer superior quality and comfort - doctors, nurses, and patients prefer them.

Staff Safety: Reusable surgical textiles provide better barrier protection in surgery than disposable alternatives.

Reduce Storage: We offer daily delivery so you order only what you need for that day.

Support Local Workers: All surgical textiles are processed at our Tumwater, Washington plant. Why import products daily from oversees that will be used once, soiled, and then thrown into our state’s already overfull landfills?